Boelter Brands NFL Football Shaped Snack Dispenser

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Imagine sitting at your desk, or in your Recliner and you begin to daydream about your favorite team, which automatically gets you thinking about the last time you were at the stadium and you were able to munch on a delicious bag of nuts. Now you are hungry and craving. Well Boelter Brands has Got you covered. Simply dispense your favorite nut or Candy from our Football shaped snack dispenser. The spring loaded chute cover keeps snacks in place until your craving can be held no longer and you lunge for the handle to pull and satisfy your need for a snack. Your snack dispenser is decorated with your favorite team’s logo and comes fully assembled. Stands Inch tall and holds plenty of goodies for the taking. Plastic Football can easily be removed and refilled. Don’t hold back. Continue snacking with Boelter Brands Football shaped snack dispenser.



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